Daniel Daou (b. 1982) is founder of Daniel Daou Design, associate professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and a doctoral candidate at Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD). His thesis, Synthetic Ecology, explores the relationship between the design, ecological, and political imaginaries from 1972 onward and the ways in which the ecological metaphor can help reconsider an emancipatory project for architecture today.

Daniel holds a Licentiate in Architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana graduating top of his class in 2006. He was an exchange student at the M.Arch II program at SCIArc, and, in 2011, with the support from the Fulbright program, the Brockman Foundation, and the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology, he obtained a Master in Science of Architecture Studies and a Master in City Planning with an Urban Design Certificate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He was also a ‘Young Artist’ fellow by the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts from 2005 to 2006.

Prior to obtaining his graduate degrees, he worked as Unit Chief at the Department of Urban Development and Housing in Mexico City, studio instructor at the Universidad Iberoamericana, and junior designer at Fernado Romero/FREE, Enrique Norten/TEN Arquitectos, and Castillo+Springall/Arq911.

Daniel has been involved in over 40 projects spanning a dozen countries. He has been research assistant, teaching fellow, and lecturer at MIT and the GSD; assistant professor at the Boston Architectural College (BAC) and Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT), and guest reviewer at the GSD, MIT, WIT, BAC, UPenn, Northeastern University, and the Danish Academy of the Arts.

At Harvard, he has been a Fellow of the Energy Council at the Center for the Environment and a member of New Geographies’ editorial board from 2013 to 2018 where he co-edited the ninth volume of the journal. Over the last decade, he has contributed over 60 essays on design for several magazines and journals including Domus Mexico, Arquine, Thresholds, Lunch, and New Geographies.

Daniel is a sci-fi fan, an avid traveler, a photography enthusiast, and a half decent cook.

Full CV.

Selected Writings

Planetary Design: The Organization of Life on Earth (forthcoming). (EN)

Tomorrow Anew (EN)
“Contracrisis: Después de la Pandemia” arquine.com (ES)
“Wilderness and Utopia: On Postcapitalist Urbanization and the Extraterrestrial Imaginary. Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson by Daniel Daou and Mariano Gomez-Luque” in New Geographies 11: Extraterrestrial. Actar, Barcelona. (EN)
“Afterwor(l)d: The Cosmic Ecology of Reenchantment” in New Geographies 11: Extraterrestrial. Actar, Barcelona. (EN)

“The Imperative for Planetary Design” 5th Annual World Ecology Research Network Conference: Planetary Utopias / Capitalist Dystopias Conference Paper. San Francisco, U.S.A. (EN)
“Urbanización Total” in Donde Termina la Ciudad. Arquine, Mexico City, 2019. (ES) 

“Contrailustración: Autoinmunidad Posmoderna” arquine.com (ES)

Daniel Daou and Pablo Pérez-Ramos. “Isla” in Bitácora 36: Fronteras. UNAM, México. (ES)
“Architecture and Ecology: Twenty Years” in Arquine 80: 20th Anniversary Special Edition. (ES/EN)

“The Limits of Ecology” Beyond -ism: The Landscape of Landscape Urbanism Conference Paper, SLU. Malmo, Sweden. (EN)
“Heliomorphisms: From Heliobiology to Thermosemiosis” Heliomorphism Conference Paper, GSD. Cambridge, U.S.A. (EN)
“Contradensidad” arquine.com (ES)
“La Cotidianeidad y la Imaginación Arquitectónica” arquine.com (ES)
Daniel Daou and Pablo Pérez-Ramos. New Geographies 8: Island. Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Cambridge, U.S.A. (EN)

“The Great Question Is Now at Issue” in Lunch 9: Excess. University of Virginia. Virginia, U.S.A. (EN)

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