Riga’s Central Business District Competition. Riga, Latvia, 2007.
The site is located on formal industrial grounds on the west bank of the Daugava river in Riga. In a moment when the economy was growing but the demographics weren’t following, the calculus was that the project should be able of making a big splash to jumpstart the rest of the site’s development. Though seemingly alien, the project establishes a series of contextual connections with its surroundings. First, inspired by Gunnar Birkerts’ design for the new national library building to be located on the site, the project proposes a “negative skyline” based on a void echoing the library’s distinctive silhouette and the surrounding landscape. Second, the five highrises  in the new complex are located following the position of Riga’s spires--the city’s only landmarks. In this way, the continuous building suggests a microcosm of the surrounding city. Lastly, in a nod to global culture, the footprint, shaped as an “R,” is meant to be readily legible from satellite imagery.
Team: Daniel Daou, Gabriel Morales, Marisol Moreno, Elena Tudela, Ivan Flores.