Nervion River Estuarine System Restoration. Bilbao, Spain, 2010.
The Nervion River in Bilbao, Spain was considered at some point the most polluted in Europe. In the mid-nineties, the de-industrializing city turned its fate around with an ambitious plan which included the now famous Guggenheim museum. However, not all neigborhoods enjoyed the bonanza brought upon by the new waterfront investments. Closer to the port, the municipality of Sestao faces a shrinking tax base and depressed economy. The proposal considers separating the former industrial lots from the land creating and island in the middle of the river and new attractive riverfront property for the municipality. One river stream is slowed down with artificial wetlands, while the other is sped up to harvest its energy. The island boasts a series of interconnected remeadiating infrastructures (e.g. soil remediation, osmotic power generation, tree nurseries, a public beach). The proposal seeks to integrate urban design, landscape and architectural expertise non-hierarhically. 
Team: Daniel Daou, Matthew Bindner